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Lembongan Lingo – A Guide to Basic Bahasa

  • November 26, 2016

At Villa Nusa our wonderful staff speak basic English and are great fun but we understand that a lot of guests want to get out and try speaking the local language themselves, so here’s a basic guide to Bahasa Indonesian with some helpful phrases!


Selamat Pagi: Good morning

Villa Nusa Staff
Staff at Villa Nusa (and Sassy)

Selamat Siang: Good afternoon

Selamat sore: Good evening

Selamat malam: Good night

Apa kabar?: How are you? – Kabar baik: I’m good

Terima kasih: Thank you

Sama Sama: You are welcome

Yes/No: Ia/ Tidak


Saya: I

Kamu: You (familiar) often shortened to “Kau”

Anda: You (formal or respectful)

Dia: He/She

Kita: Us (including the person spoken to)

Kami: Us (not including the person spoken to)

Kalian: You (plural)

Mereka: They

There are many small shops around the island where you can try your new words and phrases!
There are many places to try using Bahasa


When asking for something, always start your question with ‘Permisi’ (Excuse me) :

Permisi Mas (to young males)

Permisi Adek (to young females)

Permisi Pak (to older men)

Permisi Ibu (to older women)

Saya mau tanya: I would like to ask



Travelling and Directions:

Saya mau ke Nusa Lembongan: I want to go to Nusa Lembongan

Saya dari: I am from… Perancis (French) – Ingrris (English) – Spanyol (Spanish) – America Australia – Singapura

Kiri: Left

Kanan: Right

Lurus: Straight

Belakang: Behind

Depan: in front

Permisi Pak, ada tempat makan di dekat sinin?: Excuse me Sir, is there a restaurant near here?

Sudah: already

Belum: Not yet

Eating out

Satay is a traditional Indonesian food found on many Lembongan menus
Satay is on many Lembongan menus

Makan: to eat / Makanan: Food

Pedas: Spicy (if you cant handle spicy, remember to say Tidak pedas!)

Saya suka pedas: I like spicy

Minyak: Oil

Gula: Sugar

Minum: Drink

Nasi: rice

Mie: noodle

Sayur saja: if you are vegetarian you might want to ask for “Sayur saja” (Vegetables only)

Tanpa: without – for example tanpa gula: without sugar

Enak : Delicious!



It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

11 Seblas ; 12 – Dua belas ; 13 – Tiga belas ; 14 Empat belas etc.

20 – Dua puluh ; 30 – Tiga puluh, etc …

100 – Seratus ; 200 – Dua ratus etc…

1, 000 : Seribu – 10,000 Sepuluh Ribu

1 million : Satu juta

Angka – Number



Harga: Price

Berapa harganya?: How much does it cost?

Harga nya mahal: Price is expensive

Lebih murah bisa?: “Cheaper possible?”

Saya tidak ada cukup: I don’t have enough

Mahal sakali: Very expensive!


Other Useful Words :

Tidak Apa Apa!: No worries!

Bagus!: Great!

Hati-hati: Be careful

Boleh or Bisa: Can.

Ada/Tidak ada : There is/There is not (can also be a question example: Ada? / Do you have?)

It can be fun!
It can be fun!

Buka/Tutup: Open/Close

Selamat jalan: Have a safe journey

Ini apa?: What is this?

Tolong!: Help

Maaf: I am sorry

Jam berapa?: What time is it?

Sampai jumpa lagi : See you again



We hope this has been a useful guide for you and we hope that you have great fun here on Nusa Lembongan trying out your new Bahasa skills with the locals.

For more information about staying at Villa Nusa, contact us at

Sampai jumpa di Nusa Lembongan – See you soon in Nusa Lembongan!